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 Renaissance Public Academy
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A Fully Accredited 4th-12th Grade Charter School – Founded in 2010
Molalla, Oregon ~ Clackamas County

 Tuition-Free, 501(c)(3) Non-Profit, Public Charter School

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March 3, 2016 – Charter Renewal Approved!

 The Board of Molalla River School District completed the process of considering RPA’s application for a 5-year renewal  of our Charter and we have been approved to move forward with plans as shared in the power-point.  The adventure and journey continues!!


Congratulations to our juniors and sophomores who did a terrific job on their PSAT’s.

RPA Junior Average 1098               State Average 1021       National 1008

RPA Sophomore Average 1078      State Average 902         National 931

We are very proud of our students and it is our goal to help all of them achieve their best.

PSAT’s   PSAT’s    PSAT’s     PSAT’s     PSAT’s     PSAT’s     PSAT’s

“The Core Knowledge Foundation” 
2015-2016 RPA Handbook
O.D.E. 2015-16 Notice for Statewide Tests
Informative letter with important information submitted to Molalla Pioneer and Silverton Appeal-Tribune  August 28, 2015 – TM


Renaissance Public Academy is a small rural school of choice which strongly emphasizes “The Core Knowledge Foundation” and a Classical Education model. A fully accredited, tuition-free public charter school, we are neither a traditional public school nor an alternative school.

An Option and An Opportunity –  The most successful student at RPA is a serious student. He/she demonstrates personal growth and character development in becoming good stewards of their education.  Smart Internships and College Credit courses are Marson Court croppedavailable. MRSD maintains the special education program on campus for RPA 504 and I.E.P. students.


We Learn. We Grow. We Will Succeed.

Currently serving grades 4-12, Renaissance Public Academy is an accredited public, tuition-free charter school. Located in (and hosted by) Molalla River School District, we serve North Marion and South Clackamas counties. As a charter school, enrollment is not limited to the boundaries of the school district. In addition to students within Molalla River School District, enrollment has included families from Canby, Woodburn, Hubbard, Aurora, Salem, Keizer, Silverton, Mt. Angel, Scotts Mills, Estacada, Oregon City, Gladstone, and Wilsonville.

RPA arranges bus services through First Student;. Current stops include points at the far reaches of MRSD’s boundaries, and within the city of Molalla. (Boundary-related stops currently include Clarkes Fire Station, Liberal Store, Smyrna Church, Dart Road off Hwy 213, Maple Grove and Groshong.)

Renaissance Public Academy generally operates on a 4-day classroom schedule, Monday through Thursday. If Monday is a holiday, classes are held Tuesday through Friday. The 2015-2016 RPA Calendar provides specifics, including our start-up date which was August 31st, and the weeks we will have classes all 5 days. These will generally occur at the start of the year, and then after extended school holiday closures. For the 2015-2016 school year, classes begin at 7:30 and students are released at 3:00.

“Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education”
– Martin Luther King, Jr.
Click to view the current Course Catalog – “Course Descriptions”  2015-2016
Click to view the current year Literature Progression (revised 1-20-16).

With the unique curriculum of RPA and high expectations, 43.33% of our 4th-12th grade scholars received Honor or High Honor Roll recognition as a result of grades earned in the Second Trimester of 2014-15.

National Junior Classical League – RPA registered this school year with the unique nation-wide program.  We are the first and only chapter in Oregon.  Something to really celebrate!  (Thank you, Mr. Murtaugh …)2015-16 ELem Day Schedule

 Click to view 2015-2016 RPA Calendar    


Bell Schedules – Elementary and Middle/High School (click to enlarge) * MS/HS revised 1-4-162015-16 Bell Schedule rev 1-4-16

AnnouncementsInformational Letter to Families (August 17, 2015)

Please also visit our “Events” page for more specific scheduling of events. 

National Junior Classical League – RPA is the first and only Oregon school registered with the NJCL!  Through the work of Mr. Murtaugh (our Latin teacher) RPA is now a member of National Junior Classical League. This is a great opportunity for our high school students.  Any questions about this partnership may be directed to Mr. Murtaugh.  We also have a Latin Club meeting weekly at lunchtime.


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If you’re interested in learning more about RPA and would like to have a tour and/or visit – or observe a classroom, please contact the office at 503-759-7002.

Volunteers are an integral part of any school’s routine, sometimes even more so with Charter Schools.  We encourage visits to our “Volunteer” page to learn what is required, and information that will be helpful to our partnering with you and others toward a most successful year for RPA.

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spring picture
Rome at night


Spring 2016 begins March 20th !!



Do you know what this is a photo of?

Spring Break 2016 will find eight of our scholars (and three adults) on a 9-day tour of Italy.

Experience Italy with us next summer,  If you are interested in more information, please contact Jeanna De Risio.

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“Latin Day” was celebrated March 3rd at RPA.  So many fun events filled the day.  Photos will be added to our “photo” page, soon!  Enjoy this as the dress rehearsal for ‘performance’ that day ….

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peaked or piqued


We hope so!!

Even as school is in session, RPA is enrolling for all grades.  Once our maximum class/grade enrollment for 25 has been reached, additional scholars for that grade will be placed on a waiting list.  We encourage interested families to contact RPA as soon as possible.

Supply List 4th-6th Grades
 Supply List 7th-12th Grades
Bus Schedule 2015-2016
DRESS CODE (no revisions for 2015-16)

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advancED-logo2Renaissance Public Academy is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit … E.I.N. 27-1756201

Your donation assists in our providing everything from classroom needs and curriculum
materials to updating textbooks and technology. It aides us in providing unique field trips and educational experiences for our scholars.
Ultimately, your generous donation is essential to continuing our building of an excellent educational experience for young scholars.
Any donation will be greatly appreciated and is tax deductible.

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